Pyraloidae of Europe vol. 3

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Pyraloidea of Europe, volume 3 / Pyraustinae & Spilomelinae Identification – Distribution – Habitat – BiologyFrantisek Slamka, 2013Language: English onlyThe present atlas comprises illustrations and characteristics of 220 species of the subfamilies Pyraustinae and Spilomelinae occurring in Europe and adjacent countries (Turkey, partly N Africa, Transcaucasia and partly Transcaspia). Brief data about imago, species biology, habitat, distributional maps, similar species and genitalia of almost all the species are given. New synonyms have been estabilished, new subspecies, species, one subgenus and one genus are described.16,8 x 23,5 cm, 357 pp.; Hardcover; 220 species; 133 plates of genitalia of each species(males & females); 31 colour plates with almost 1100 images of moths.

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