Bird dropping Tortrix moths

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A fieldguide to Bird dropping Mimic

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A comprehensive new field guide to the bird-dropping Tortrix moths of Great Britain and Ireland.Written by Jon Clifton and Jim Wheeler, this guide shows classic examples of bird-dropping mimics, such as the Apotomis, Hedya and Epinotia and some of the cryptic black and white cochylids.
The moths are shown in their resting position, alongside a set specimen, with a brief account giving distinguishing features and use of coloured pointers to highlight the critical areas in a user friendly way. Maps show Vice-county distribution across the British Isles, alongside seasonal flight graphs and life size representations of each species, to aid identification.Second Edition
It is five years since the publication of the first edition of this book. This revised edition contains updated photographs, maps and text, along with additional species and new comparison plates. The species list has also been updated, re-ordered and numbered to follow the new UK checklist.

  • 65 Species
  • Resting Position Photos
  • Set Specimen Photos
  • 6 Comparison Plates
  • Distribution Maps
  • Flight Graphs
  • Life-size Diagrams
  • Similar Species
  • Descriptions
  • Thumbnail Finder
  • A5 Paperback