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by Zakaria Erzinclioglu with plates by Sarah Bunker
This book introduces the natural history of blowflies and draws attention to some unanswered questions about thier biology. It offers illustrations and keys for identification, and describes some of the research methods that will help readers undertaking practical investigations to answer some of these questions.
Introduction; The biology of blowflies; Blowflies and man; Identification; Key I Genera of blowflies frequenting carrion; Key II All British blowflies; Key II Species of Calliphora; Key IV Males of the species Lucilia; Key V Males of the species Bellardia; Key VI Species of Phormia’ Key VII Partial key to the third-instar larvae of British carrion-bredding species; Techniques; Some useful addresses; A brief checklist of British blowflies; Further reading; Index.
Readership level
sixth-form, undergraduate, postgraduate, field centre, ecological consultant, wildlife trust, conservation volunteer
blowflies, diptera, carrion, entomology, insects, taxonomy, identification

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