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by Keith R. Snow with plates by A. J. E. Terzi
Because mosquitoes carry disease, tropical forms have received much attention from entomologists. Few ecologists have studies mosquitoes in Britain, perhaps partly because identification has been difficult. This book introduces the natural history of the British species, and highlights topics on which further investigation is needed. Mosquitoes are excellant subjects for field studies, because thaey are widely available and abundant, and with this book can be easily identified as egg, larva, pupa or adult. Notes are given on the distribution of the British species, and methods and techniques are described for investigating their biology and natural history.
Introduction; Life histories; Identification; Keys: I Eggs: key to genera; II Larvae: key to genera; III Pupae: key to genera; IV Adults: key to genera; V Fourth – instar larvae: key to species: VI Adults: key to species; notes on the British mosquitoes; Studying mosquitoes; Useful addresses; References and further reading.

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