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by Valerie K. Brown with plates by Judith G. Smith
Grasshoppers draw attention to themselves by their active movements, their bright colours and their song. This book offers an introduction that will enable the reader to undertake investigations of their own. Much remains to be discovered about the life history of grasshoppers. Individual observers can contribute much to the study of population dynamics, and the parasites and predators responsible for mortality. The feeding behaviour of grasshoppers is amenable to investigation and suggestions are made for experimental studies. This book contains an addendum drawing attention to recent research and updating the addresses and reference list. The British species are illustrated in colour and keys are provided for identification. Methods are described for studying grasshoppers in the field and for rearing them indoors.
Introduction; Life history and reproductive strategies; Adaptations and habits; Keys: I Families of British Orthoptera; II Acrididae; III Tettigoniidae.

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