Insects, plants and microclimate

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by D.M. Unwin & Sarah A. Corbet
Microclimate is the very local climate close to the ground or another surface. The microclimate around a plant is particularly complex and interesting, and an insect sitting on a leaf may be inhabiting a weather system completely different from the weather outside. An understanding of the microclimate around plants enables us to interpret the behaviour pattern of insects as they change through the day. The instruments needed for exploring microclimate need not be expensive – this book explains how many of them can be made at home or at school using inexpensive components. The colour illustrations provide a guide to the main groups of insects, and identification keys are listed for each.
Weather and microclimate
The climatic environment near the ground
Plants and microclimate
Insects and microclimate
Insect identification
Measuring microclimate
Humidity calculation and tables
Presenting microclimate data
Some useful addresses; References and further reading.

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