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by William D. J. Kirk with colour plates by Anthony J. Hopkins
Thrips remain a mysterious group of insects because up to now they have been studied by only a few specialists. A factor limiting their appeal has been the problem of identification. Some species are genuinely difficult to separate, but others can be named fairly easily and some can even be recognised alive in the field. The keys in this book have been designed to enable anyone with access to a good microscope to overcome the taxonomic hurdle in order to explore the unusual natural history and behaviour of thrips.
Introduction; Thrips on fungi; Thrips on leaves; Thrips in galls; Thrips in flowers; Identification; Introduction to the keys; I The families and immature stages of thrips; II Adults in the family Aeolothripidae; III Adults in the family Thripidae; IV Adults in the family Phlaeothripidae; Techniques; Some useful addresses; References and further reading.

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