British & Irish Moths Third Edition

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A Photographic guide.  Third Edition.
Bevat alle soorten van de Britse lijst…..2500 soorten in totaal.
Het meest uitgebreide boek met zowel de macro- als micro vlinders !
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British and Irish Moths is the most comprehensive collection of photographs of British moths ever published. It covers both macro and micro species, and almost all the images are all of living insects, taken in natural conditions. Concise text descriptions cover wingspan, status and distribution, flight period, habitat and larval foodplants, while thumbnail maps provide a quick overview of geographical distributions.

This third edition has been significantly expanded so that it includes all species on the British list, approximately 2,500 in total, representing a magnificent achievement by the author, Chris Manley. It also includes updates to the text, improvements to the photographic selection, and extra identification hints. For the leaf-mining micros, photographs are included to demonstrate the all-important feeding signs that can often be a more reliable identification method than seeing the adult.

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