vol. Ryggstrandjur : Lansettfiskar – broskfiskar

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Ryggstrangsdjur: Lansettfiskar – broskfiskar
This volume covers lancelets (Cephalocordata), tunicates (Tunicata), hagfishes (Myxini), lampreys (Petromyzontidae) and cartilaginous fishes (i.e. sharks, rays and skates (Elasmobranchii) and ghost charks (Holocephali). It also comprises an introductory chapter on tunicates and chordates (Chordata), the latter including craniates (Craniata) and vertebrates (Vertebrata) – the group to which man belongs. Treated in this volume is some of the worlds largest fish species, sharks e.g. the Basking Shark that may attain a length of 12m

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