True Weevils part III

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This Handbook is the third, and final, part covering the ‘true weevils’. Illustrated keys are provided for the identification of the genera and species of the Curculioninae (excluding Ellescini-Dorytomina, Cionini, Smicronychini and Styphlini), Baridinae and Orobatidinae. Notes on the species include characters for distinguishing the sexes and information on th biology, larval foodplants, distribution within Great Britain and Ireland, and zoogeographical range. The species with current ‘Red Data Book’ or ‘Notable’ status are indicated

The True weevils 3 RES Handbook is the final volume covering the ‘true weevils’. It features illustrated identification keys for the genera and species of the following:

  • Curculioninae (but excluding the tribes Cionini, Smicronychini, Styphlini and the genus Dorytomina of Ellescini)
  • Baridinae
  • Orobatidinae

Species notes cover characters for distinguishing the sexes, biology, larval foodplant and distribution within Britain and Ireland. The author has indicated current ‘Red Data Book’ and ‘Notable’ status where applicable. There are summaries of the biology, life-history, phenology, economic importance, distribution and conservation of the species featured. Also included is a key to the identification of all British weevils.

True weevils are a huge group of beetles, many of which are common and widespread. They occur in a wide range of terrestrial and freshwater habitats. Many weevils possess a rostrum, clubbed antennae and a bilobed 3rd tarsomere. Overall there are around 500 species of true weevil in the UK. Although all the species in this volume are phytophagous, none are major pests of field crops. However some are pests of forest, fruit, nut and ornamental trees.

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