Stick- and leaf insects of the world. – Phasmids

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Over 260 stick- and leafinsects (phasmids) are described and illustrated by biogeographical zone.

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Descriptions allow non-specialists to help identify the presented species, and learn about habitat, foodplants and distribution.
Phasmid systematics are approached from perspectives of taxonomy and phylogeny, along with bibliographic notes on major phasmid explorers and main publications. An extensive checklist of currently described species and their distribution is included.

A comprehensive guide to the biology of phasmids.

This book covers phasmid biology (anatomy, main biological functions, ecology) as well as basic advice on collecting and rearing phasmids. Trivia like myths and legends on phasmids and pop culture references are also presented.

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Paul D.Brock en Thies H. Buscher