Microclimate, vegetation & fauna

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Praktische handleiding voor biologen over microklimaat, bodem, vegetatie en fauna 

‘If the oak is out before the ash, then you’ll only get a splash. But if the ash beats the oak, then you can expect a soak.’

In this book the ecologist meets the meteorologist: it is about the biological aspects of microclimate and its variation in horizontal and vertical directions. The great diversity found in the various habitats is stressed, also as far as the microclimate is concerned.

The stronghold of this book on microclimatology or the ‘minor weather’ in the immediate surroundings of plants and animals is its capacity to unravel the causal relationships between climate, topography, soils, vegetation and fauna. The manifold interactions in between are explained in detail and it is concluded that the connections are so intimate that each species has its own microclimate. Prof. H.Remmerts, world expert on microclimates wrote: ‘I consider this book as the best available: concise, practical and an excellent textbook for biologists’.

This book is unique and interesting for a wide audience. It specifically targets natural scientists and students in biology with an interest in climatology and climatologists with an interest in biology.

microclimaat, vegetatie, flora, fauna, meteorologie, bodem, klimaat, weer, ecologie en natuurbeheer

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