The Butterflies of Middle East

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Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan and Egypt (Sinai Peninsula)

48 platen met 2000 kleurenfoto’s, b/w distribution maps

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This volume is the first illustrated comprehensive reference book to all butterfly and skipper species known to occur in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt (Sinai Peninsula)). All species are figured in colour (about 1200 images, including many type specimens from historical and famous private collections). Many type specimens figured for the first time. Twenty-five colour plates and the dust jacket represent landscapes and photos of butterflies in nature. The book includes information on distribution, habitats, flight period, complete synonymy, type material,
distribution maps of 182 species of Rhopalocera belonging to 5 families.

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Vadim Tshikoloveta, Oz Ben Yehuda


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