Sawflies of Europe

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Hymenoptera of Europe part 2.

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This guide is the second volume of a series on Hymenoptera of Europe.

The introduction includes 15 pages on the broad types of environment in which sawflies can be observed. A selective list of the species that can be encountered is provided for each environment, along with details on vegetation.

The guide deals with the sawflies of Europe and North Africa, representing just over 1,400 species distributed over 13 families and 180 genera. Dichotomous keys for the purposes of identification are interspersed with 196 illustrative plates which include 2,250 drawings. These drawings illustrate the morphological characteristics used in the keys, and the genitalia, essential for the identification of species of some genera, in particular.

In addition to these drawings, 78 photographic plates with almost 850 images of larvae and imagos in their natural environment or as mounted specimens provide a detailed view of the incredible diversity of sawflies.

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