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Geometrid Moths of Europe vol. 6 Ennominae II

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The Geometrid Moths of Europe, Vol. 6: Müller, B., S. Erlacher, A. Hausmann, P. Sihvonen & P. Skou: Ennominae II. 2019. 906 pages in 2 hardback parts. 30 colour plates.

In volume 6, more than half of the European Ennominae, a total of 181 species, plus 21 new species for the European fauna are covered, incl. difficult genera such as Charissa, Psodos, Sciadia, Nychiodes, Selidosema, Peribatodes and the Tephronia complex. Description of four new species. Totally 1116 specimens are illustrated in 30 colour plates. Further for each species a systematic text, distribution map, male and female genitalia. Genetic data from DNA barcoding is provided for nearly all species. Many text figures with diagnostic characters and other morphological structures. Also included are new synonymies, status revisions, new combinations and numerous new distribution data. A systematic catalogue of all European Geometridae and the adjacent regions of North Africa, Macaronesia, Turkey and Middle East is also included.