Butterflies and Burnets of the Alps

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and their larvae, pupae and cocoons.
Een prachtig boek over de dagvlinders en bloedvlekvlinders van de Alpen.
Zien is kopen. Een geweldig goed boek met zeer scherpe mooie kleurenplaten.
This book contain more than 2000 colour drawings of 254 species of butterflies (Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea), 27 species of Burnets (Zygaena) and a good number of subspecies, forms and varieties. For each species consice information is given about the distribution incl. altitudional distribution, habitat, host plant or plants, flight period, and other biological details. Besides several illustrations of the adults of each species, this unique guide also presents a set of illustrations of larvae, pupae and cocoons for most species, incl. short captions on their distinctive characteristics. Introduction to each family and subfamily.

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